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Video Lecture Notes

Below are video lecture notes. You can find the course notes at EET Online Courses Notes and/or UNSW Online Courses.


 ELEC1111   Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering (Dr J. Ravishankar)

 ELEC1112   Electrical Circuits (Dr J. Ravishankar)

 ELEC1112   Electrical Circuits (A/Professor J. Epps     Moodle Recording)

 ENGG1000  Engineering Design and Innovation (A/Professor J. Epps)


 ELEC2117 Electrical Systems Design (Embedded System) (Professor Eliathamby Ambikairajah)

 ELEC2133 Analogue Electronics (Professor C.Y. Kwok)

 ELEC2134 Circuits and Signals (Professor Julien Epps)

 ELEC2141 Digital Circuit Design (T1 2020 by Dr Daniel Ssu-Han Chen)

 ELEC2146 Electrical Engineering Modelling and Simulation (A/Professor J. Epps)

 MINE2610 Mining Services (Dr Ray Eaton)


 ELEC3104 Digital Signal Processing (Professor Eliathamby Ambikairajah)

 ELEC3105 Electrical Energy (Dr. Rukmi Dutta)

 ELEC3106 Electronics (Professor C.Y. Kwok)

 ELEC3114  Control Systems (Dr Hendra Nurdin)

 ELEC3115 Electromagnetic Engineering (T1 2020)

 MTRN3500 Computing Applications in Mechatronics Systems (Dr Ray Eaton)

 TELE3118  Network Technologies (Professor Aruna Seneviratne)


 ELEC4122 Strategic Leadership & Ethics (Dr. Iain Skinner)

 ELEC4612 Power System Analysis (Dr Jayashri Ravishankar)

 ELEC4613 Electrical Drive Systems (Dr Dan Xiao and Professor Faz Rahman)

 ELEC4622 Multimedia Signal Processing (Professor David Taubman)

 PHTN4661 Optical Circuits and Fibres (Professor Francois Ladouceur)



 ELEC9702 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (Professor C.Y. Kwok)

 ELEC9703 Microsystems Design and Technology (Professor C.Y. Kwok)

 ELEC9704 VLSI Technology (Professor C.Y. Kwok)

 ELEC9716 Electrical Safety (Dr Jayashri Ravishankar)

 ELEC9722 Digital Image Processing (Professor David Taubman)

 ELEC9733 Real Time Computing and Control (A/Professor Tim Hesketh)

 ELEC9762 Space Mission Development (Dr BarnabyOsborne)

 ELEC9764 The Ground Segment and Space Operations  (Dr Alexander Von Brasch)

 ELEC9781 Special Topic Introduction to Nuclear Engineering (2013, Professor John Fletcher)

 ELECxxxx Power System Stability (Dr J. Ravishankar)

 ENGG9741 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering (2014, Professor John Fletcher)

 ENGG9742 Reactor Physics for Engineers (S1 2017, Dr Patrick Burr)

 ENGG9743 Fuel Cycle, Waste and Life Cycle Management   (S2 2014, Professor John Fletcher)

 ENGG9744 Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards  (S2 2014, Professor John Fletcher)

 GSOE9510 Ethics and Leadership in Engineering (Dr. Iain Skinner)

 GSOE9758 Network Systems Architecture (A/Professor. Vijay Sivaraman)

 APSIPA Distinguished Lecture: Speaker Verification - The Present & Future of Voiceprint Based Security (Professor Eliathamby Ambikairajah)



 Lab Guidance Videos

 Matlab Tutorial Videos (Signal Processing)



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 Casual Academic Staff Induction 2019

 ELSOC's guide to LaTeX 2016 (Matthew Davis)

 Electrical Safety Video (Dr Ted Spooner) and EET Safety Manual (in pdf)

 Oscilloscope Videos (Dr Ted Spooner)


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