ELEC1112: Electrical Circuits

Associate Professor J. Epps


School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

University of New South Wales

Sydney,  Australia



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Lecture 3_Basic Circuit Laws

Lecture3_Basic Circuit Laws (cont)

Kirchihhoff's Law Examples

Lecture4_Nodal Analysis Examples

Lecture5_Nodal and Mesh Analysis

Lecture6_Circuit Theorems

Lecture6_Circuit Theorems (cont)

Lecture6_Circuit Theorems_Examples

Lecture7_Capacitors and RC Transients

Lecture7_Capacitors and RC Transients (cont.)

Revision_Transient Circuits

Revision_Transient Circuits (cont)

Lecture9_Sinusoids and Phasors

Lecture9_Sinusoids and Phasors (cont)

Lecture9_AC Power Analysis


Lecture11_OpAmps (Cont)


Lecture15_Digital Circuits

Lecture15_Digital Circuits (cont)

Lecture15_Digital Circuits (cont2)





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